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“I am delighted to share our experience with Markus, whose calm manner, extensive knowledge and unwavering patience played a pivotal role in my daughter achieving a nearly perfect score on her driving test.

Markus possesses a profound understanding of both the technical aspects of driving and the nuances of road safety. His ability to convey complex concepts in a simple, understandable manner instilled confidence in my daughter, allowing her to grasp the necessary skills effectively.

The results speak for themselves – my daughter scored nearly perfectly on her driving test, a testament to the high-quality instruction she received. We are incredibly grateful for the positive and impactful learning experience provided by Markus and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, patient, and calm driving instructor.”


“Thank you Markus for helping me with getting my license. I passed my driving test with the first attempt. He is the best instructor I ever had. He got all the qualities that the best Instructor requires. Highly recommended. Thanks again.”

Roopam Sandhu

“A big thank you to the best instructor ever (Markus). I passed my Driving test in my first attempt, because of you. One thing I must say, there is significant difference between other instructor and Markus. He is very patient, friendly, understanding, professional, technically sound and a good motivator. Highly recommended!”

Surojit Das

“Markus was a senior instructor when I started work at the Sutton Road Driver Training Centre. His knowledge and professionalism stood as an example, and his teaching was instrumental in me achieving my driving instructor qualifications. Always calm and patient, he has the knack of being able to impart his knowledge and expertise in a clear and easily understood way. Thanks Markus for all your help”.

Dom Stinziani
Driving Instructor

“Ijust want to mention how excellent a trainer I found Markus to be. Markus is a thoroughly knowledgeable former member of the AFP. He has a manner of teaching which instills confidence yet leaves one in no doubt where improvements need to be made. He is able to relate to people with a fraction of his knowledge without making them feel ignorant. My group in Driver Training felt blessed to have had Markus as an instructor”.

Ian Durand
AFP Recruit

“We are VERY pleased with the service Markus provides. He is a very professional instructor, caring, reliable with very easy communication. All our needs had been met. Definitely will choose again for the second son.”

Dolit Gliksman

“I found Markus when I had zero experience in driving, Markus taught me very well and made driving experience fun, easy and comfortable. I had lots of confidence by the end of each lesson. I would recommend Markus to all my friends and everyone I know.”


“Markus is a excellent instructor, he is calm and straight to the point. Knows all the tips and tricks for you to get your license and I would highly recommend him for anyone that wants driving lessons!”

Francis (Big Dog)

“My daughter is very anxious, however Marcus showed calmness which reflected into my daughter. His knowledge base and being able to communicate this to a 17 year old was spot on. Highly recommend”


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